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Looking fantastic – Barfly Camden gets a new look, better than ever. Barfly opens its doors with a fresh and exciting new look. This is a great venue for functions throughout the day with an intimate live music stage upstairs.

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We like to think of the venue as an institution that continues the tradition of providing a space for free thinkers and unique performers from wide and far, whilst reflecting on the fact that we have and always will have the charm of an intimate Soho base

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Now in its 30th Year the largest club in Central London with a 6am licence. Spread over 4 arches there are a series of interconnecting rooms that make Heaven an inspired event space. Individual rooms are available for smaller events.

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Characteristically known as a venue to hear modern legends from the world of funk, soul jazz world, folk and dance music. With an open plan ground floor area and upstairs dining area, this intimate venue, now fully renovated, is a wonderful event space.

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A popular live music venue, which in 2008 saw a £1.5 million 2 stage refurbishment of the interior with restoration of the original distinctive features coupled with a state of the art new lighting and sound system.

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This legendary London music venue has been refurbished offering a light airy space with the most up to date digital lighting and sound system. Free flow access between floors and a new seated format option in both areas make this a very flexible venue.

Venue detail   

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Clickbank: selling multiple products on one account | uncategorized

Clickbank: Selling Multiple Products on One Account

June 3, 2011 | By admin In Uncategorized |

Selling products online takes a fair amount of work, but many online salespeople know that Clickbank is a great place to turn. Unfortunately, the rise in online scams has continued, and customers often hesitate to do business with a company that they have never heard of before. Developing a respectful reputation is not the easiest with an online company, but Clickbank has achieved this with their 60 day no questions asked refund. Since the Clickbank name often makes the customers feel more comfortable, it becomes a favorite among vendors as well. However, there are still many questions to answer when selling products in this marketplace. For example, is it possible to sell multiple products on the same Clickbank account.

Well that is simple. Yes, it is possible. However, although there may be several advantages to doing this, there are just as many disadvantages. Let us look at them.

A one time fee of $49.95 for each Clickbank account you open is charged. So if you use the same account to sell multiple products, then you only pay this fee one time.

It takes more work to manage multiple accounts. Since Clickbank marketplace rankings are based on sales, your rank will be boosted because all of your products are combined onto one account. Less work that ends up in better rankings, while difficult to believe, is actually true in this case.

All of this sounds great! Unfortunately, there are just as many disadvantages. The system that Clickbank uses does not work that well for selling multiple products from the same account. Although selling up to fifty products on the same account is possible, you are only allowed to place one URL on that account. That means you are forced to sell all of your products through this single landing page. There are only two ways to accomplish this: one is to create a very large sales page, the other is to create, once again, a very large, click-through page. Either way, your conversion rate will suffer badly. In fact, they are very likely to lower your conversion rate.

With that said, placing multiple products on a single Clickbank account might be less expensive, but it will cost you money in sales. It is your choice so be sure to look at all of the facts before making a decision. Since there are advantages and disadvantages to each option, use what you feel is best for your business.

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    As we know, hari ini 21 April, sebagian dari kita memperingati Hari Kartini. Sumpah, kami tidak bermaksud sinis. Kami justru mendukung emansipasi, dan semua isu yang diperjuangkan oleh gerakan perempuan di Indonesia dan internasional. Kesetaraan gender, somehow, layak dan sudah seharusnya.

    Cuman, kadang-kadang kepikiran juga, apa iya arti emansipasi itu sudah dipahami oleh kaum perempuan sendiri ? Dimana pula batas emansipasi ? Soalnya, bukan nggak mungkin, emansipasi lebih dijadikan jargon ketika posisi perempuan terdesak dan berusaha menuntut hak yang setara. Tapi, pada saat bersamaan, “kelemahan” perempuan juga dijadikan “senjata” pada situasi-situasi dimana perempuan akan lebih diuntungkan.

    “Kami kan cewek…., “ begitu mungkin apologi kaum perempuan ketika kami juga menuntut perlakuan yang sama. Ga muluk-muluk kok, cuman dalam kehidupan sehari-hari yang wajar dan normal.

    ·Kenapa laki-laki yang bayar makanan waktu kencan dianggap biasa, tapi kalau perempuan yang bayar kami dituduh pelit ?

    ·Kenapa selalu kami yang ikut ronda di poskamling, kenapa perempuan nggak diwajibkan ikut ?

    ·Kenapa kalau atap bocor, harus selalu kami yang manjat genteng ?

    ·Kenapa perempuan boleh pakai rok mini ke kantor, tapi kami nggak boleh pakai celana pendek ?

    ·Kenapa perempuan yang nggak bisa masak sekarang makin dianggap biasa, tapi kalau laki-laki bisa masakdituduh gay ?

    ·Kenapa hampir selalu kami yang nembak cewek duluan ?

    ·Kenapa kami dituduh mellow kalau lagi patah hati, tapi perempuanyang desperate dan bilang nggak butuh laki-laki cuman dituduh sok feminis ?

    ·Kenapa posisi laki-laki di atas nggak disebut ‘Man on Top’, tapi misionaris ?

    ·Kenapa laki-laki yang cuman pakai krim malam dituduh metroseksual ?

    ·Kenapa Circle-K nggak jualan kondom perempuan ?

    ·Kenapa nggak ada pantyliner buat laki-laki ?

    Mungkin, sudah saatnya, kami, mewakili seluruh laki-laki Indonesia, juga menuntut hak dan kewajiban yang sama.

    Hidup Laki-Laki !

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    5 reasons to obtain a lawyer for your actos lawsuit – actos lawsuit

     Filing a lawsuit is something that many people are very reluctant to do. Either out of fear for the cost for doing it, not wanting to deal with the hassle of the potentially lengthy court battle, or are afraid that they will end up losing their shirt despite having a valid claim. However, when your life is dramatically affected as a result of someone else’s actions either accidental or purposeful; filing a lawsuit may be the only way to try and pick up the pieces. That doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Any time you are involved in any sort of legal action you should always seek legal counsel especially with a class action suit against a large pharmaceutical company like Takeda for the distribution of ACTOS.

  • An attorney knows the language
  • Being in court is like being in a whole other world, the language and actions of a court proceeding is foreign to many of us but not for an attorney.

    1. They know what to expect

    A good attorney knows exactly what they are getting into with any legal affair they take on. They can pass this information onto you so you have a better idea of what the end game of the class action suit.

    1. They may be part of a joint lawsuit against the same defended

    Hiring an attorney is expensive, when it comes to a class action suit many times one attorney or a specific law firm takes on the collective representation of all clients involved in the suit. This benefit works two fold in that it cuts down on the cost of hiring an attorney yourself and your legal action stands more ground to result in receiving a better outcome. This is especially relevant when it comes to an existing lawsuit such as the ACTOS Lawsuit.

    1. An attorney will know what kind of paperwork needs to be filed and how to file it

    Much like the court proceedings, legal paperwork has very specific rules regarding how, when, to whom any paperwork needs to filed. This can make or break any legal action especially against a large corporation such as Takeda. Hiring Lawyer to represent you as a result of damages from the drug ACTOS requires not only the proper paperwork but that certain paperwork is filed by certain dates.

    1. They will know when to plead out

    Many court cases, especially large class action suits are generally resolved out of court. While you do not need an attorney to do this having one can result in you gaining far more from a settlement as well as knowing when to take a deal or walk away from one. In many cases the company being sued will low ball the initial offer hoping the plaintiffs take the bait, with an attorney they will know exactly what is and isn’t a good offer.

    La piazza allegra – brought to you by

    Photos by Kaz
    Novak, the Hamilton Spectator

    Chef Sam Carino, flanked by owners Mark
    Ferrugia, left, and Tony Ferrugia, brings simple
    yet big hits to the dining table

    Kaz Novak

    Says chef Carino: ‘We wanted to develop …
    several tastes from Asian like Thai and
    Philippine, to Mediterranean such as

    Virgo is right next to Theatre Aquarius on King William Street
    and directly across the street from police headquarters,
    meaning it will get a wide range of clientele once the theatre
    opens for the season in the fall.

    Owner Mark Farrugia says the restaurant, which opened
    in March, is getting good trade from the cops as it works to
    establish itself.

    It is another eatery that is working to bring a pulse
    back to the city core, a cool, chic spot which takes the
    commonplace, puts a distinctive spin on it and, voila, there’s
    an interesting lunch for 0 or dinner for 5 to $20.

    The Farrugia family has a strong background in the food
    business. Mark and father Tony run La Piazza on James Street
    South. This enterprise is a different take on dining.

    While La Piazza has the stone floors, fountain and
    wrought iron to recreate a bright Italian piazza setting, and
    all of the above and plenty of plants and pots of herbs
    basking in a sun-lit dining room, Bistro Virgo is quite small
    and modest in a modern, interesting way.

    It features deep blue walls, geometric art and track
    lighting, the space broken up by frosted glass dividers.

    The tables are small but the seats are comfortable and
    the table settings, including cloth napkins, are plain but

    And when my guest and I looked over the menu, we
    wondered how the newcomer would deliver at prices that were
    very, very competitive given the surroundings.

    I ordered the Citrus Salad ($5) and the Mongolian Beef
    Wrap ($7), my guest selected the Thai Chicken ($7).

    The salad arrived in good order, brought by a waiter
    who was friendly, yet formal, and clearly knew his trade. It
    was a good-sized serving of fresh greens and with a liberal
    sprinkling of Mandarin oranges (the canned kind) and a tart
    citrus vinaigrette.

    It was quite good and begged for some bread, which we
    had to ask about.

    We were brought a plate of fresh pita slices and a tub
    of black bean dip which was a grand accompaniment.

    The main items came in timely fashion — the Mongolian
    Beef, a thick patty tucked inside a pita pocket, and the Thai
    Chicken also in patty form in a pita envelope. Both came with
    intriguing fries that were a big hit on this side of the

    The beef proved to be a thick puck shot through with
    tiny vermicelli noodles and garnished beautifully with
    caramelized onion and tomato. A hoisin sauce heightened the
    whole sweetly and the portion was right-sized for a lunch

    On the other side of the table, my guest was content
    with his chicken, noting the patty was moist and had been
    treated with a sweet marinade. Limo mayo was at hand on his
    plate for added boost.

    Now to the fries, and how often does a chef get grilled
    on fries? We asked Sam Carino, the man in charge of the
    kitchen, how he made something that is tough to resist in most
    circumstances and even more addictive.

    Carino, a graduate of the Hamilton cooking academy,
    Liaison College, said it was a simple treatment.

    Fresh cut fries are dusted with flour and sprinkled
    with the Chinese hot sauce called sreracha. The deep-frying
    which follows imparts a sweet taste that won huge favour on
    this scorecard, which normally doesn’t rank something as
    simple as fries.

    Carino obviously brings more to the table than that
    delicious side item. He has created a menu that is not
    complicated but brings several influences to bear.

    “We wanted to develop a choice with several tastes from
    Asian like Thai and Philippine, to Mediterranean such as
    Portuguese and Spanish.”

    The result is a worthy addition to Hamilton’s dining
    scene, something that would be even better if the restaurant
    can get it’s patio licence before summer’s gone.

    We wondered about those price points and how the
    restaurant did it. Mark Farrugia said it was a matter of
    family experience, based on La Piazza, in finding ways to
    deliver good food at decent prices.

    By the way, I closed out the meal with the usual due
    diligence and I ordered Apple Caramel Cake ($4.50). It was a
    five-layer dessert out of the kitchen at La Piazza and
    excellent, if just a tad dry.

    All in all, the meal was a fine experience.

    John Kernaghan’s meals are paid by The Magazine and his
    visits to restaurants are unannounced. You can contact him at
    [email protected]
    or 905-526-3422.

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    La Cabana condos are the perfect choice for many tourists

    La Cabana is a suites-only resort and features comfortble and spacious living areas for couples and families of every size. Standard amenities in every suite include a fully-equipped kitchenette, satellite tv, private balcony, whirlpool, in-room safe and washers and dryers on every floor. Grand Suite Superior – The Grand Suite Superior boasts a fabulous view of the courtyard, two double beds and one queen size sofa bed. Grand Suite Deluxe – The Grand Suite Deluxe features an excellent view of the courtyard, one king size bed, one queen size sofa bed and a one person chair bed. Two Bedroom Grand Suite – The Two Bedroom Grand Suite consists of one king size bed, two twin beds and one queen size sofa bed. Two Bedroom Penthouse Deluxe – The Two Bedroom Penthouse Deluxe features one king size bed, two twin beds and one sofa bed. Three Bedroom Condo – The Three Bedroom Condo features one king size bed, one double bed, two twin beds and one sofa bed. Three Bedroom Penthouse – The Three Bedroom Penthouse boasts two king size beds, two twin beds and two sofa beds.

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    Choosing the right weight loss program to reduce unwanted pounds

    Modern lifestyle and an easy life have caused many people to put on weight. Weight related problems force them to try different ways to get rid of their unwanted pound.

    The market is flooded with weight loss diets, all claiming to be very effective in reducing weight. These diets are advertised in such a way that ordinary people will think that they are panacea for weight loss. A particular weight loss diet may be effective for some people for some time but most of the diets don’t deliver what they claim.

    Most dieters discontinue their diet when they notice that the diet is not as effective as they thought. The truth is that diet alone cannot bring about a substantial reduction in your weight. Some of the weight loss diets aren’t healthy even.

    Everybody wants to lose weight fast and they overwork their body in gyms. At the same time, they deny their body the much needed nutrients. The result is damaging.

    You can’t go on exercising for long without eating nutritious food in sufficient quantities. Your body will express its nutrition needs in different ways. You may suffer from depression, headache and a host of stomach problems. If you really want to lose weight, here are some useful suggestions for you.

    Concentrate on your food and enjoy eating. Some people engage themselves in other activities like reading and watching television while eating.

    Some have no time to chew their food properly because they are in a hurry. All these are wrong ways of eating.

    If you are busy with some other work while eating, you won’t notice what and how much you are eating. This is one of the reasons for binge eating. To enjoy your food, you should concentrate on eating and chew your food well.

    Don’t force food down your throat. Eat just enough to satisfy your hunger. If you practice these eating habits, you will lose some of your weight.

    Be realistic in your goals. Don’t imagine that you will become as thin and healthy as the images shown in the advertisement. You can’t predetermine how much weight you are going to lose within a given time frame.

    Treat your weight loss program as something useful to stay healthy and fit and not as a means to achieve the target you set for yourself.

    Include your friends and family members in your weight loss program. It will be very helpful if you have friends and family members to support you in your quest for weight loss.

    Never think that you can achieve your goal within a short time. What you need to do to reduce your weight is to make changes to your lifestyle. By eating a special diet, you may lose weight temporarily but it is not going to help you in the long run.

    Avoiding foods rich in carbohydrate and fat is a great way to prevent weight gain. Exercise is an indispensible part of any weight loss regimen. Make it a habit to exercise every day. Simple activities like walking, running and swimming are good exercises and fun too.

    If you like to do more advanced exercises, you can get help from a personal trainer. Remember that there is no magic that can reduce your weight overnight. You should be steadfast in your efforts; eat a healthy meal, sleep well and exercise regularly. You will slowly but surely lose your weight.

    MK Racing Club Calendar

    MK Racing Club Events

    • Flemington Trackwork
      April 22, 2008 (5:00 am – 9:00 am)
      (Track Work)

      Every Tuesday morning Mark Kavanagh Racing Club horses will be doing fast work at Flemington.

      Usually Club members will be informed about the work by email later on Tuesday.

      Once a month selected Club members will be invited to attend track work with Mark.

    • Flemington Trackwork
      May 06, 2008 (5:00 am – 9:00 am)
      (Track Work)

      Every Tuesday morning Mark Kavanagh Racing Club horses will be doing fast work at Flemington.

      Usually Club members will be informed about the work by email later on Tuesday.

      Once a month selected Club members will be invited to attend track work with Mark.

    • Flemington Trackwork
      May 20, 2008 (5:00 am – 9:00 am)
      (Track Work)

      Every Tuesday morning Mark Kavanagh Racing Club horses will be doing fast work at Flemington.

      Usually Club members will be informed about the work by email later on Tuesday.

      Once a month selected Club members will be invited to attend track work with Mark.

    • Flemington Trackwork
      June 03, 2008 (5:00 am – 9:00 am)
      (Track Work)

      Every Tuesday morning Mark Kavanagh Racing Club horses will be doing fast work at Flemington.

      Usually Club members will be informed about the work by email later on Tuesday.

      Once a month selected Club members will be invited to attend track work with Mark.

    • Flemington Trackwork
      June 17, 2008 (5:00 am – 9:00 am)
      (Track Work)

      Every Tuesday morning Mark Kavanagh Racing Club horses will be doing fast work at Flemington.

      Usually Club members will be informed about the work by email later on Tuesday.

      Once a month selected Club members will be invited to attend track work with Mark.

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